Cicek Ece Nayman

Nayman’s graduate collection commences with structured silhouettes; trouser suits with strong lapels over silk shirts. As the garments progress we are exposed to a concoction of fabrics; laser cut leather tops, calf fur dresses and jackets with adjustable collars and patterned embellishment. The abstract patchwork geometry make for a full-on collection, which by no means is designed for the “dare you not stare” type.

20 thoughts on “Cicek Ece Nayman

    • Hello MsAidyl. Thank you for your kind words, I have put a lot of work into making the site as visually pleasing as possible. The theme is called Untitled and I customized it to my needs.

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    • That is the one thing that traditional workplaces have not figured out yet. Employees want to express themselves without having to go work for Facebook or some start up. If given the option I doubt employees would abuse the new dress code. Many would probably still wear the same items just tweaked a bit.

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  1. Fashion was only about the shows, now it’s just about advertising and commercials, the meaning of the clothes have been completely diluted. As long as there is press to say ‘good things’ about the collections, the designs of the garments barely matters.

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