Valentina La Porta

The inspiration behind this collection is connected to my Italian roots and my childhood memories. Exploring my Catholic heritage as well as religious beliefs and traditional celebrations, allowed me to create a modern and contemporary collection. The aim of my work is to celebrate the value of past memories, indispensable to establish the present and revive the future. 

The visual imagery I collected is mainly related to the Christian iconography as well as to the elderly people and their attitude to engage with religion in later life. The final outcome is the meeting point of juxtaposing elements: tradition and modernity, fluidity and severity, fragility and strength. 

The colors are mainly drawn from the Christian iconography and visual representation of the Virgin Mary: the choice of fun, bright and loud shades contributed to the creation of a bold wardrobe composed of voluminous silhouettes and an injected dose of modernity. The visual references I chose for my color palettes belong to a series of images called “infinita Gracias,” a sort of visual collection related to Christian symbols: electric blue, gold, orange, yellow and pastel pink were my main inspiration which enabled me to create an innovative and non-conventional winter palette.


Photographer: Dany Contino
Model: Emilie Stridsberg
Beauty: Jiyeon Kim, Nicholas Hardwick
Furs provided by Saga Furs

19 thoughts on “Valentina La Porta

  1. Amazing collages, per usual! I can’t decide which is my favorite..perhaps the blue…gutted that these are not menswear. Do you think there design affords for some tailoring to make them unisex?


    • Hello again. Due to its inherent bulkiness I wold say that you could let the seams out quite a bit if needed. I would contact a local seamstress and provide dimensions if not photographs.


  2. Very original and I love the concept.
    However I have to say I am biased, I have a slight weakness for oversized coats!


  3. Hi Jessica Lauren! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.


  4. Very masculine lines. Great texture exploration. However too much structure for womenswear.


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